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To the left is a list of the Stoke Golding families I have reserched from the registers of Stoke Golding, along with a link to Stoke Golding's own amazing website.

My primary aim, when I started to build the Stoke Golding family trees, was to establish how closely related each of the occupants of the Hinckley Road Cemetery was. It did not take me long to realise that most of the occupants stemmed from at least one of the key Stoke Golding families. To date I have been able to assign 51% of the 1400 or so occupants to just 23 key families!

The key or larger family trees are as follows:

- Arnold - which also encompasses the Law, Kimbrell, Farmer, Lee, Chaplin, Hill, Pearson and Skelton families
- Bailey - which also encompasses the Hood, Quinney, Clifford, Prouse, Geary and Mayne families
- Belcher - which also encompasses the Hunter family
- Bodycott - which also encompasses the Carter family
- Clifford - which also encompasses the Hood, Prouse, and Geary families
- Dudley - which also encompasses the Shirley, Ford, Pearson, Skelton, White, Quinney, Mayne families
- Farmer - which also encompasses the Belcher, Vallance, Bickley, Rose, Spare, Bradbury, Lee, Chaplin and Ball families
- Ford - which also encompasses the Pearson, Skelton and Ford families
- Freer - which also encompasses the King and Smith families
- Hall - which also encompasses the Shilton family
- Jacques - which also encompasses the Shirley, Martin, Kirkland, Norman and Jordan families
- Jones - which also encompasses the Woodward, Kirkland, Wright, Ratcliffe, Belcher and Hunter families
- King - which also encompasses the Sutton and Smith families
- Lee - which also encompasses the Doane, Clarke, Hood, Jones, Clifford, Ford, Chaplin and Geary families
- Matthews - which also encompasses the Lee, Clarke, Hood, Jones, Clifford, Ford, Jacques, Shirley, Martin, Kirkland, Norman, Jordan and Warren families
- Mayne - which encompasses the Beeby family
- Miles - which also encompasses the Sheen, Powell, Adcock, Underwood, Kirkland, Wright and Ratcliffe families
- Pegg - which also encompaases the Shilton, Ball, Towers, Aucott, Farmer, Rose, Spare, Bradbury, Lee, Chaplin, White, Hemsley, Mayne, Vallance, Hill and Stone families.
- Sheen - which also encompasses the King, Hill, Quinney, Mayne, Powell and Adcock families
- Storer - which also encompasses the Towers, Grewcock, Hemsley, Mayne, Clark, Simpson, Wragg, Wright, Ratcliffe, Belcher, Farmer, - Vallance and Foster families
- Vallance - which also encompasses the Towers, Grewcock, Hodges, Adcock and Foster families
- White - which also encompasses the Hemsley, Vallance, Chaplin and Hill families
- Woodward - which also encompasses the Freer family

As you can probably tell, there is a huge amount of overlap between the family trees and many individuals appear in more than one tree. To protect their privacy, I have attempted to omit all living, or possibly living (ie aged under 100 and not confirmed as deceased) individuals.

Equally, the family trees are not complete - they simply link the entries primarily in the Stoke Golding registers, so if an individual or their descendents did not appear in the Stoke Golding registers, they will not have been included in the family trees. The exception being those trees which are my own direct lines which are more complete, including those who resided outside Stoke Golding.

My own direct lines from the Stoke Golding families are as follows:

- Bailey
- Dudley
- Mayne
- Pegg
- Sheen
- Storer
- White

Many of the earliest residents of Stoke Golding still have descendents either in the village or close by. My own family continues to have strong links with this Leicestshire village and indeed there are a significant number of my own relatives who are still in the village or very close by.

Many of the families can prove over a century of association with Stoke Golding and some much more from their first entries in the Stoke Golding registers. The following have Stoke Golding church register entries that follow them through the centuries and numerous generations, some may go even further back, but I have yet to 'find' missing links.

Sheen - 31 August 1693 - still in Stoke Golding (321 years)
Pegg - 12 October 1730 - still in Stoke Golding (284 years)
White - 22 April 1732 - still in Stoke Golding (282 years)
Arnold - 08 October 1736 - at least 17 July 2003 (267 years)
Vallance - 16 Feb 1762 - still in Stoke Golding (252 years)
Farmer - 04 April 1764 - still in Stoke Golding (250 years)
Storer - 07 September 1788 - still in Stoke Golding (247 years)
Jones - 02 August 1778 - still in Stoke Golding (236 years)
Bailey - 19 May 1781 - still in Stoke Golding (233 years)
Miles - 22 June 1782 - still in Stoke Golding (232 years)
Clifford - 01 Aug 1802 - still in Stoke Golding (212 years)
Dudley - 29 January 1815 - still in Stoke Golding (199 years)
King - 11 March 1804 - at least 2002 (198 years)
Hall - 08 August 1780 - at least 27 February 1976 (196 years)
Lee - 05 May 1822 - at least 2012 (190 years)
Matthews - 22 April 1832 - at least 2013 (181 years)
Ford - 16 April 1820 - at least 15 April 1997 (177 years)
Mayne - 01 April 1838 - still in Stoke Golding (176 years)
Belcher - 18 March 1828 - at least 04 February 2000 (172 years)
Jacques - 23 June 1850 - at least 2013 (163 years)
Bodycott - 03 February 1778 - at least 15 March 1913 (157 years)
Freer - 10 Jan 1796 - at least 23 March 1950 (154 years)
Hill - 23 April 1889 - at least 2012 (123 years)
Stoneley - 06 July 1879 - at least 11 August 2000 (121 years)
Mason - 25 December 1897 - still in Stoke Golding (117 years)
Woodward - 23 September 1748 - at least 19 March 1865 (117 years)

Not only are the lengths of the families association with a single village extraordinary, the occupants of the Hinckley Road Cemetery have an extraordinary number of octogenarians and nonogenarians between them and, just to complete the extraordinariness, there are also two centenarians. Click on this link for more details on the most elderly occupants of the cemetery.

If you feel that you have a connection with any of the Stoke Golding families, please feel free to contact me using the contact link above. I would be delighted to hear from you, particulary if you were able to provide any stories or photographs of your relatives. My long term aim is to try and build an archive for the future generations of the Stoke Golding families before it is too late.

Finally I need to say a huge thank you to Denis Cash who has been invaluable in helping with my research and endless questions.